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Laws, regulations, and enforcement practices change frequently. This site attempts to maintain current information, but does NOT WARRANT that the information is the MOST current or applicable to your situation. You should consult legal counsel who is experienced in EMTALA, CMS/OIG, or other specific elements of healthlaw before effecting changes in your policies, procedures, risk management, quality, or other aspects of your operations. To assure compliance, you should periodically submit all of your policies and procedures for legal updates by your attorney.

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2 thoughts on “Terms of Use

  1. Stephen

    I was delighted to see that medlaw.com was up and running with a new format.

    I run medlaw.eu a not for profit website for patients mainly in the UK.

    However, I also sit as the UK based Board member for legal services and patient advocacy with the Kidney Cancer Association in the US and from time to time fly over to meetings held there.

    I wonder if some kind of informal link up between the sites might be worthwhile especially as issues of funding for treatments impact on both sides of the Atlantic?

    All the best

    Yours Sincerely

    Peter Telford

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